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Writing Workshops

Claire Miller is a published author based in Glasgow Scotland. Claire is available for writing workshops in Glasgow and the surrounding areas. Claire Miller has experience leading writing workshops for children and adults, including local writers’ groups. A few of Claire’s recent workshops include Author's Talk, which she led for an Advanced Higher English class at Lenzie Academy, and The Importance of an Enquiring Mind, which was one of the topics at a workshop for the Campsie Writers' Group.

Workshop Locations

Claire has led workshops in various venues, including East Dunbartonshire Leisure and Culture, Bishopbriggs Library, and William Patrick Library. Claire has also led workshops at Holy Family Primary School, and Craighead Primary School.

Photograph of people sitting around a table writing, in a writing workshop being run by Claire Miller Author.

Childrens Workshops

In her workshops for children, Claire Miller adapts to the child’s individual learning styles. Claire helps the children to create characters and story ideas. She encourages the children to use their imagination to draw and create their own stories.

Get in Touch

If you are looking for an author for your next workshop in or around the Glasgow area, contact Claire Miller today to discuss your ideas and workshop requirements.


Our pupils really enjoyed both your workshops. My pupils said that they really enjoyed finding out how you got your inspiration for stories and went about writing the stories. Many of the Nat 4 /5 pupils have been reading" Pure Human City" and have described it as, "Really interesting, gripping and intense." They also like the length, size of print and layout and describe it as " reader friendly".

The pupils who took part in the other workshop loved the story you told them about the floating cake and thought the joke about the baking powder at the end was really funny.

As a result of your visit many pupils have been inspired to write or illustrate a story themselves and some of them are hoping that they too can be writers one day. Thank you for working with us.

Margaret Petrie
Principal Teacher, Ashton School