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Interactive Story Creating Workshops

Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary journey into the captivating world of story creating? My specialised Interactive Story Creating Workshops are designed to ignite creativity, foster literacy skills, and inspire young minds.

Why Choose My Workshops?

  • Engaging and Interactive: The workshops are not your typical classroom experience. Pupils actively participate in crafting their own stories, unlocking their creativity and imagination through guided exercises and interactive story creating activities.
  • Fostering Literacy Skills: Story creating is more than just entertainment—it's a powerful tool for literacy development. The workshops enhance reading comprehension, vocabulary, and writing skills, empowering pupils to become confident communicators.
  • Promoting Personal Growth: Beyond academic achievement, my workshops promote personal growth and well-being. Pupils gain self-confidence, develop empathy, and enhance critical thinking skills as they explore diverse characters and themes.

What Sets Me Apart?

Expert Facilitator: A renowned author, story creator, and educator with over 5 years of experience in this field. Tailored Approach: I understand that every school is unique. That's why I offer customisable workshops tailored to suit the specific needs, interests, and age groups of your pupils. Seamless Integration: I work closely with teachers, educators, and school administrators to seamlessly integrate our workshops into your school's curriculum or extracurricular programs.


"Our pupils really enjoyed both your workshops. My pupils said that they really enjoyed finding out how you got your inspiration for stories and went about writing the stories. Many of the Nat 4 /5 pupils have been reading 'Pure Human City' and have described it as, 'Really interesting, gripping and intense.' They also like the length, size of print and layout and describe it as 'reader friendly'. The pupils who took part in the other workshop loved the story you told them about the floating cake and thought the joke about the baking powder at the end was really funny. As a result of your visit many pupils have been inspired to write or illustrate a story themselves and some of them are hoping that they too can be writers one day. Thank you for working with us."

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Join me on this exciting journey and welcome your pupils to the limitless world of imagination.

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