Pure Human City

Claire Miller


This is the cover of Pure Human City written by Claire Miller. Black trees are silhouetted against a dark blue background with a dark figure standing amongst the trees.

After the Ordinary Settlement is visited by the mysterious “Organisation’, Kyle goes to the Library searching for information about Pure Oxygen Machines and the Pure Human City. His parents seem scared, and refuse to tell him anything about the machines or the city. They believe he should be content to be where he is and who he is, but he is determined to find out more. His search reveals a book called ‘The Origins of Paradise’ and what he reads has him desperate to go to the Pure Human City.

A few days later, he disobeys his parents and sneaks out of the Ordinary Settlement. He makes his way to the Pure Human City seeking more answers. The shocking truth he learns there has him racing back to find his parents, urgently needing to tell them what he has uncovered.

Will they listen to him? Will they believe him? What will he do next?


"They say you should never judge a book by its cover but, in this case, the misty forest and strange silhouette exactly convey the mystery and suspense of this gripping story. Ideal for the younger teen and those of us that can still regress to that earlier age."

"I became a teenager as I turned the pages of this interesting book;at times scary, at times intriguing. It had me concerned about Kyle and his future. The last sentence leaves an opening for a follow up. Will we hear more from Kyle and his family?"

I Can Create Stories

Claire Miller


This is the cover of I Can Create Stories written by Claire Miller. A book is lying open flat, its pages fanned out with images coming out of the pages.

Come and have fun. Read, draw and create stories then listen to them. You can read the stories yourself or have an adult read them, (secretly they’ll want to know what happens). After each page of the four stories in this book is a blank page just waiting for you to draw whatever the story has conjured up in your imagination. At the end of the book are blank pages just waiting to be filled with your story ideas. You can listen to the stories, with the audio files which come along with the book, and enjoy them whenever and wherever you are too. What are you waiting for?


"My children simply loved these stories, they were always excited to predict what happened next and would have me reading them for hours — highly recommended for little kids and big ones. Something for all ages."
Primary 4 Teacher

"Thank you for letting me read your book. I really enjoyed it. The first day I got it I read 2 full stories. I wanted to stay up all night to read it. I drew a couple of pictures that night and I really enjoyed the chance to draw your own pictures. I would buy this book for £1000000!! My favourite story was “The end of year competition” because I enjoyed the adventures and that Boomer was found-out at the end. I also liked "Farmyard Olimpics" because Daniel Pig thought he was a loser but actually he was a WINNER!"
Review from an 8 Year Old

"Thank you for writing this wonderful book. The stories, set out in this way with opportunities for interactive writing and drawing, kept my child interested and engaged with this reading experience. She thoroughly enjoyed all the characters and the chance to illustrate the stories herself particularly appealed to her. In our struggle to encourage her to read, the creative aspect of this book helped enormously in holding her attention. The stories were all very different but marvellously heart warming, which kept her interest in the whole book."
Review from a Parent

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