Story creating fun!

Story creating fun!

I had an absolutely fabulous time at Clober Primary School. The children were fantastic to work with. I read ‘Farmyard Olympics to P4 and P4/5 and then gave them worksheets to draw a picture on.

The drawings were all wonderful. I even starred in one! I was asked lots of excellent questions and left some of my activity sheets with the teachers for the children to use to create their own stories.

With P6/7 I read the first chapter of Pure Human City and then helped the children create a story by asking them questions like who is the character and what happens next.

The story was amazing. It stated out with a fourteen year old boy, Josh, who loved coffee cake and travelled to Mars, then Jupiter, having found out through the intergalactic internet that Jupiter had coffee on it and involved Josh finding an invincibility shield, turning into a chocolate bar, turning back into a boy and falling into another dimension. Josh turned into a chocolate bar because he liked coffee.

This was so much fun. I love the fact that when children are making up a story I never knew exactly which direction the story is going to take.

I left my story creating sheets for the teacher to use with the children to create their own stories.

The teachers and children from all the classes very kindly filled out my feedback sheets.

I came home with lots of ideas on how to improve my workshops in the future. I loved every minute of the day. It was so much fun.

What have you been doing?

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