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My writing in March 2024

My writing in March 2024

My writing in March 2024 

I love drawing a pencil on my sheet, every time I work on a piece of writing. I find it so motivating to visually ‘see’ how much I have achieved. 

Four children are reviewing Book 2 of Serena’s Adventures with information to go to one more. This is so exciting. I am looking forward to finding out what they think of the book. 

With my novel, From Sunrise to Sunrise, I am almost finished the first read through of all the printed pages. This is amazing. The next step will be to mark up the changes and print the pages. 

I look forward to seeing what my writing sheet looks like at the end of April. 

How do you mark your progress?

In my interactive story creating book, ‘I Can Create Stories’, children, aged between 8 – 12 years old, can read, draw, create and listen to stories. I love seeing the change, in confidence, a story can make to a child. Please contact me if you’d like to know more about my book or a signed copy.