Writing your story.

Writing your story.

Writing your story.

This step can seem the biggest to start. Sometimes looking at a blank page just makes your brain freeze and the words just seem to vanish from your mind.

When I run my story creating workshops I explain the process of beginning to write your story starts with asking three questions.

First - Where does my story start?

By this I mean the place where your character is eg on the topic of Police stories this might be - where did the crime take place?

Second - What is my character doing?

This refers to the action the character is taking at that precise moment. I think of this as the opening scene of the film I am creating in my head.

Third - What happens next?

This is the most important question. When you ask this question your brain processes your thoughts and the next part of the story will come into your head.

It is important to write down exactly what comes into your mind and get it onto paper, in whatever way you are doing this. Even if the words aren't what you have, in your final version of your story, you can't edit blank page and you can always change what you have written.

The next part of the process to create your story is to read what you have written once you get to the end of a sentence. Then ask yourself - what happens next? - and write your answer. You continue in this way and gradually your story will appear.

If you find yourself unable to come up with an answer to the third question put your story away and do something else. All this means is your mind hasn't thought up the next bit yet.

I believe hard writing equals hard reading. Trust your brain to have the answers; you just need to give it space to think.

Enjoy creating your story.

I hope you have found this information useful.

If you have any questions about writing please do get in touch with me.  I would love to help you.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay.