My fabulous weekend

My fabulous weekend

What did you do on your weekend?

I have had a fabulous weekend with some scary firsts and a wonderful moment I will treasure forever.

I was at the Creatovators Playscheme with my activity sheets and had the absolute pleasure of spending some time with a wee girl decorating a paper plate. She stuck stickers on the plate and told me about her cats. I had to find a sun sticker, which took some time, but I did find it eventually! Then she used a pink pen to decorate the plate with lava, this was particularly important to her. Blue pen was used next to be even hotter lava but I was reminded that this lava wasn’t real and told not to be so silly. I loved every minute with this girl.

Next I was at the Scottish Association of Writers conference in my position as the club representative for the Campsie Writers Group. It was lovely to meet people I knew there.

After this I was at the Community Arts Festival in Kirkintilloch. The Campsie Writers Group had been given a half hour slot to promote the group and read some of our stories. I read chapter 1 of The Choice.

The room was huge and I had to take a deep breath before I began reading my story. Everyone was so quiet when I was reading, it was very scary. I decided just to concentrate on what I was reading and hope everyone was enjoying the story. The applause afterwards was something else – an absolute wow moment.

I was also doing all the talking between myself and the two other members of the group who were reading. This was the first time I had read my story to such a large group in person and been the person who was introducing everyone.

My greatest memory from these events is the time I spent with the girl. I loved just being in the moment and helping her create her own story – amazing.

Working with children is the best job ever.

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