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An exciting book launch!

An exciting book launch!

A great night out. 

Kim and Sinclair MacLeod, of Indie Authors World, asked me to help at the book launch of a book called A New Hope. 

The stories in this book are written by 5 young people who were led through the experience of writing a story to having a published book in their hands for the very first time. The evening was a huge success. 

The money to support the young people was raised through Calum's Legacy, which was setup in memory of Kim and Sinclair’s son.

I was a mentor to one of the young people and didn't think I did very much, as I only spoke to him a couple of times. I was thinking about him when I remembered he was chosen to be part of the group because I told his teacher, who was given my youngest daughter help with her english at Kip McGrath, about the opportunity. I am very humbled to realise that I made a difference.

Please contact me if you would like help with something you are writing. I would love to help you.