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What story would you create?

 What story would you create?

At Campsie Writers’ Group we had to write a story from 5 words - bottle, deer, digestive, piano, cautiously.  Here is the story I created with these words.

Julie meandered down the path through her garden, to the front door of her house, holding the bag in her hands, thinking about the surprise Carl had promised for her birthday.

            He’d sent her out to buy a new dress especially for the occasion. Charlotte, her best friend, had accompanied her and together they had had a great morning walking from shop to shop, chatting about everything. Charlotte had treated Julie to a wonderful lunch at their favourite restaurant too.

            It had been a long time since Julie had bought a new dress. She was looking forward to wearing it to wherever she was going with Carl. She'd chosen a knee-length, velvet, fitted royal blue dress, with three-quarter length sleeves. It had looked absolutely wonderful in the mirror, in the shop, and the perfect pair of matching shoes were in her wardrobe at home.

            Charlotte had received a phone call just as Julie was about to ask her if she’d like to come back to the house. Jenny and Nick, Charlotte's 9 year old twins, had needed some help. Charlotte had left saying she could come and see Julie soon.

            Julie reflected it was probably a good thing that Charlotte hadn't come to the house as the next door neighbours were having another party. There were cars everywhere. Julie had got one of the few spaces left in the street. She could see lots of well-dressed people chatting and drinking through the front window of the neighbour's house.

           Piano music was resonating through the house when Julie opened the front door. The lounge door was closed. This meant Carl was practising the piano. The beautiful sounds of the grand piano were wonderful to hear. He had bought the piano after his first world tour and now she couldn’t imagine their home without it.

            She decided to leave Carl alone for the moment, he had to practice for his upcoming world tour and she needed a cup of tea.

            With her precious cargo on the kitchen table she perused the biscuit barrel as the kettle boiled. Only digestive biscuits were left. She smiled remembering the special afternoon tea Jenny and Nick had made for her birthday last year.

            Their homemade empire biscuits made with two digestive biscuits, sandwich together with jam and topped with white icing and a small jelly sweet, were the best items on the cake stand. They’d patiently waited until she’d finished the empire biscuit then asked her opinion of their creation. Julie had said it was wonderful.

            A family of four deer mum, dad and two fawns grazed on the grass in the field at the end of the garden, as she sipped her fresh, hot, cup of tea. She didn't see the young deer very often and quietly watch them for several minutes until the piano music stopped. The kitchen door creaked as it opened.

            She turned and smiled at Carl as he entered the kitchen, thinking one day the hinge would get fixed. He looked very handsome in his black dinner jacket and matching trousers and shoes. His white shirt and black bow tie finished off the clothes he wore when he was performing.

            It wasn't unusual to see him dressed like this, he said it helped him get into the mindset he needed when he was performing. He gave her a kiss then turned his attention to the bag on the table.’ Can I see what you've bought?’

            ‘When we go out, I want to surprise you.’

            ‘I thought I was the one surprising you.’

            She laughed. ‘I'd still like to wait until you take me to wherever we're going to.’

            ‘We've been invited to next door's party. Do you think your new purchase would be suitable to wear?’

            Julie thought back to watching all the people through the window. Her dress would fit in perfectly and she'd felt wonderful wearing it in the shop. It would be great to wear it now. ‘Yes, is this your surprise?’

            He laughed and smiled at her. ‘No, just an excellent opportunity for me to be seen with my gorgeous wife.’

            ‘Okay, I'll just go and get ready.’

            ‘Great, I've a bottle of your favourite wine in the fridge. I'll get it out to take it with us.’

            She paused as she put her cup on the table. He seemed to be very well organised, almost as though he had known the party was going to be happening. ‘Did you know about the party?’

            ‘No, I just like to be prepared. Go and get ready. I'll be in the lounge waiting for you.’

            Julie gazed at her reflection in the bedroom mirror. The dress looked even better at home than it had been in the shop. Smooth flowing music floated up the stairs. She stood for a few minutes enjoying the sound. It was a privilege to hear such wonderful music every day.

            Cautiously, she opened the closed lounge door, not wanting to break the spell of the amazing music and also being very aware of how absorbed Carl became in the music when he was playing the piano. She saw him sitting by the piano his hands lifted above the keys. The last notes for the tune faded away.

            He turned from the piano and smiled at her. ‘Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls please put your hands together for our guest of honour, my beautiful wife, Julie’

            Cheering and clapping erupted in the room. Julie pushed the door all the way open and saw everyone who had been in the neighbour's house, along with Charlotte, Jenny and Nick. All her friends and family stood before her.

            ‘What...?’ she said as Carl walked towards her, a glass of wine in his hand.

            ‘Happy birthday.’

            ‘What's going on?’

            ‘You sit over there beside Charlotte and enjoy your personal concert. Afterwards I'm whisking you away to your favourite hotel.’

            Julie turned to see Charlotte grinning at her. Holding her glass of wine she walked towards Charlotte, still trying to take in what was happening to her.

            Carl began to play with Julie was in her seat - beginning with her favourite tune.

I'd love to know what you think of it.  Please contact me and let me know.