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What have you been celebrating achieving?

What have you been celebrating achieving?

Yes, I did it!

Whilst I am editing a story I discover the little details I have missed when I am writing my story.  In a film I would call this continuity.  I love the feeling of completion when all the aspects of the plot are complete and tie-up together.

In my ‘fun’ story, A race against time, I had realised I needed to name an organisation to add depth to the plot.  I sent the thought to the back of my mind and asked what I would call the organisation.  I also talked to a friend who I have already read my first draft to.  As we were coming up with ideas a name popped into my brain and it is perfect.

I now have one more detail ironed out.  The next question is do I name a project, which is mentioned in the story, or not.  I’m still thinking about that one.

I am nearly finished my first edit of my ‘fun’ story.  It is so satisfying to realise how much I have actually completed.  This fact spurs me on to keep going with the rest of the editing.

I love writing.

In my interactive story creating book, called I Can Create Stories, children can read, draw, create and listen to stories.  If you know of a child who loves to create stories please get in touch with me.


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