Come and create a story.

Come and create a story.

Come and create a story.

In my book, ‘I Can Create Stories’, I encourage children to read, draw, create and listen to stories. I am passionate about making stories accessible to children no matter which way they choose connect with them.

This book is based on four years of work I did with small groups of children at a local primary school. On selected Friday afternoons, called Skills Sessions, the children were given the option to do activities which were separate from the curriculum.

I worked with the children to create a character, talk about what the character liked and disliked, discuss a plot and then fed the story back to the children. They then drew me a picture of something they had enjoyed about the story. I took all the information home, scanned it into the computer and put everything together into a book for each child.

I loved these Skills Sessions and was pleased when some of the children came back more than once.

I want all children to have fun creating stories in whatever way they choose to.

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