Amazing February

Amazing February

February has gone by in a flash.  Time can go by so fast.


I Can Create Stories (Story Edition)

I have been working on the insides of ‘I Can Create Stories (Story Edition)’.  Looking over all the information I realised it wasn’t going to be as simple as I had first thought.  I thought the process of putting my third book together would be easier because I already had most of the content, taken from ‘I Can Create Stories’.


I have had to think about what information is needed for the book to work and flow.  Words can take a lot of time to think about sometimes.  I gave the insides of ‘I Can Create Stories (Story Edition)’ to a friend and was pleased to hear the book flowed.  I’ve sent my latest thoughts to Kim MacLeod of Indie Authors.


I am looking forward to being able to get ‘I Can Create Stories (Story Edition)’ into the Library and children having the opportunity to read it.



I have also been teaching my computing student at The Park Centre.  I have really enjoyed this and loved seeing my student enjoying herself and learning.  It is one of my greatest pleasures to hear someone say ‘I understand’.  I’m looking forward to teaching my next student.



I was at a Business Gateway workshop learning about a program called Canva.  This was great fun.  I had been looking forward to this workshop.  Canva enables people to make things like Facebook and Twitter banners without lots of designing knowledge.  I had wanted to learn about Canva for some time.  I’m so glad I went.


Apart from being enormous fun I learned how to quickly create things like Facebook banners.  Canva already has the preset dimensions in it so all someone has to do is let their imagination take over.  I have an idea for a new Facebook banner I will try out sometime.


New opportunity

A friend suggested I got in contact with a lady called Sandra Meechan from the Artisan Gallery and after a discussion we have decided to run four afternoon workshops during the school Easter holidays in April this year.  I am so excited and can’t wait to get started.


I will read my stories and then the kids will create their own stories with Sandra’s help.  I am taking along my books too.  The workshops are being held at Clachan of Campsie, near Lennoxtown, Glasgow.  These workshops are a trial, there may be a possibility of more!


I get to play with the children and I can’t wait.


February’s highlight

My highlight of February is when I learned that Waterstones, Sauchiehall St had sold a copy of ‘I Can Create Stories’.  I go to a meeting run by Indie Authors, on the last Sunday of every month.  Authors are interviewed and one copy of the author’s book is bought by Waterstones. 


After the February meeting I asked at the till if they had ‘I Can Create Stories’ by Claire Miller to be told it was out of stock.  I asked if it had been sold, the answer was yes.  I immediately introduced myself as the author and asked if they wanted me to bring in some more.  I handed over my business card to the person behind the till with my contact details.  Then the person reached across the till and shook my hand!


I am so excited, someone walked up to a shelf, took my book, and then paid for it, a book I put together and published.  Life is amazing!


What happened to you in February?


If you would like to talk to me about anything please contact me through the Contact page of my website.


Enjoy yourself in March.

(Photo courtesy of Pixabay)