What would you do if you found an alien?

What would you do if you found an alien?

If an alien asked you for help what would you do?

I have just read an excellent childrenís book which I would like to tell you about, Mike and Microscopic Aliens by Bob Hastings. It is about Mike who finds a mysterious egg in a toilet at his school.

Inside the egg are microscopic aliens, who need to return to their planet to save everyone there, but who are running out of time and donít have enough fuel. They ask Mike to help them.

This is a great read full of humour for children and adults. The story is written in a very unusual way which pulls the reader in and encourages you to interact with what is happening. The illustrations are fabulous and punctuate wonderfully what is happening in the story.

This is a page turner which gets you thinking. Children will love Mike and how he thinks and adults will recognise themselves and what they say to children. I heartily recommend this to you all.

Go and find out more about it if you want to know what happens to the aliens.

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