Transformational January

Transformational January

January has been a transformational month for me.  I have gone from a state of disarray to actually believing I know where I am going.


This is in huge part thanks to Kate Galbally of Better Organised.  She showed me I actually knew how to be organised when I had just forgotten.


The last year was full of publishing a paper and ebook, creating a website, recording an audio book and learning about Trademark and Copyright issues.  My brain was full to overload, I just didn’t recognise it.  I did so much last year - Wow!


Now I have to move forward.  As well as working with Kate Galbally I attended a Business Gateway workshop on web and social media analytics.  This was extremely interesting and useful.  I love learning.


I am teaching adults how to use computers at The Park Centre and really enjoying it.  I get such a buzz when my student understands something and can say ‘I can do it’.


My plans for my third book are coming together.  ‘I Can Create Stories - Story Edition’ is being created so it can go into libraries and more children can have the opportunity to read, draw, create and listen to stories.  ‘I Can Create Stories’ in its current workbook style format can’t be accepted into the Library.  The Library doesn’t want to encourage children to draw in library books.  Kim and Sinclair Macleod of Indie Authors World are helping me.  They are easy to work with and a great support.


Also ‘I Can Create Stories - Story Edition’ can be offered to children who prefer to listen rather than read.  It is important to me that no children miss out on my stories.  The audio book comes with the paper book ‘I Can Create Stories - Story Edition’.  The children can listen to the audio book and the parents can read the stories if the child wants them to.


The Campsie Writers’ Group is going from strength to strength.  It is so much fun.  I really enjoy going and the people who go are great fun to be with.


More and more opportunities keep cropping up for me, life is very exciting.


I am looking forward to more Business Gateway workshops and getting on with writing my stories.


What happened with you in January?


If you would like to talk to me about anything please contact me through the Contact page.


Have a great February.